So we just put together a pretty concise list of all the places that we’ve put our podcast for people to listen to it. So if you’re just joining us, SO MANY OPTIONS!


Episode 35

Two episodes up barely a week apart? A blog post right after another blog post? Could it be? Some sort of rhythm? Let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

This was a treat of an episode. We got the opportunity to interview an author we’ve spent a lot of time talking about on the podcast: Edgar Cantero. Yes, the author of Meddling Kids, the author of This Body’s Not Big Enough for Both of Us, the author of Supernatural Enhancements. A New York Times best selling author to boot. We were lucky that Edgar agreed to be interviewed by us and that the Brooklyn Public Library has such a nice recording space.

As people who love reading books, getting to interview any author is such an honor. How authors work on their craft is just infinitely interesting to us, and all the author’s we’ve interviewed so far have had different ways of approaching it. But to be able to interview someone who was legit our favorite writer of last year? That takes things to an intense level and we were beyond nervous. Maybe it shows, maybe it doesn’t on the episode, it’s hard for us to judge. But Edgar is definitely a really nice guy who spent about 2 hours on a beautiful Saturday chatting with us about his writing and his books.

Sit back and take a listen to our interview with Edgar Cantero.

Episode 34 is up

It doesn’t look good does it. The last post was us getting hyped that we were getting in the groove again, and then we disappeared for so long it seemed like Missing 411 was going to do an episode on us.  Life got hectic, things got hectic. We’ve posted but haven’t written write ups for everything.  So let’s just get this started again with episode 34.

We were planning on finishing off the Fear Street Saga as a treat for the summer, but life got in the way. Surge was sent on business for a hellish month and Anna was a full time student for the summer. We tried but, things just didn’t work. It didn’t help that the book was a raging dumpster fire of a book. There’s the middle book syndrome that we were worried about * 100. Things didn’t make sense, characters were doing things that made no sense, and if we were the type of people who threw books, this book would have flown. Or maybe it did fly while RL Stine was writing it, like Icarus to the sun. I think the episode conveys a lot of the hate we had for this book and it’s not worth typing up an entire rant about how much we HATED the book.

On the plus side, we also reviewed two books we loved.

Surge reviewed Edgar Cantero’s This Body’s Not Big Enough For Both of Us. We love Edgar’s books. Honestly, one of the most refreshing modern authors with a unique writing style. A.Z. Kimrean is going to be one of those characters that readers will remember for quite awhile.

Anna reviewed Flann O’Brien’s The Third Policeman. An existential satire that was both hilarious and thought provoking. Not a book for everyone, but for those who are into things like Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead or Waiting for Godot, this is a book that you’ve been sleeping on.

Without further ado, Episode 34 – The Fear Street Saga 02: The Secret.

Episode 30 is up! Reva Dalby returns!

Wow, two episodes in one month? We’re kind of back to our regular posting schedule. Now we just need to start getting those youcasts up and we’ll be good.

We get to discuss Fear Street Super Chiller Silent Night 2. Yes, Reva Dalby from Silent Night is back and not much seems to have changed. Surprisingly enough, it’s not Reva’s Revaness that gets her in trouble but her Dalbyness. If that sentence makes no sense to you, perhaps you should check out the podcast for the indepth plot. If it still doesn’t make sense read it backwards.

Before we get into the Silent Night 2 discussion, both Anna and Surge review a book.  Surge starts it off with a review of Evolutions – Fifteen Myths That Explain Our World by Oren Harman. Surge has a lot to say about it. Anna reviews the final book in the Themis Files trilogy, Only Human by  Sylvain Neuvel. It’s quieter than the first two books but a decent read nontheless.

Without further ado, check out the episode!

Episode 29 now available

As the blog writer for the blog, I often feel like a jerk. I often forget to update the blog after doing some big thing with the podcast or we’re just so backlogged and delayed doing podcast things that a lot of time just ends up passing naturally. The point is, it seems like every post is an apology for not updating the blog or the delay in an episode. For those that have stuck with us through all of this, a big sorry and thank you. You don’t know how much we appreciate it.

Groveling aside, yes it’s true, our latest episode is FINALLY up. Looking at the finished product, it runs 80 minutes with the intro, outro, interlude, and ad. The thing is, the raw file of the initial recording was almost 2 hours 40 minutes long, that’s a total time of 160 minutes of just two idiots talking. There was a lot to trim. As the podcast editor who also listens to a lot of other podcasts, I often struggle to find the right balance of banter and information. Too little banter and it just sounds like two randos talking, too much banter and it can get a little frustrating because “JUST GET TO THE POINT”.  This episode was really overwhelming to edit. 1st because I was away a lot so a lot of time had passed between recording and editing. 2nd because of the realization that there’s a lot to listen to. And 3rd because I knew that a lot had to be cut but everything still had to flow.  I do hope that this episode works for everyone listening.

The book itself? Fear Street Super Chiller Broken Hearts? Probably overlong and fitting with the episode. Unnecessary characters and scenes that didn’t quite work with the book. It’s a book that either needed to be longer or shorter. But the things that worked for the book really worked for me. We talk about it in the episode, but I’ll reiterate again, I thought this book had a lot of well rounded characters with motivations that were relatable and understandable. To hear more of our thoughts, just take a listen to the podcast.

We also review the first book in the Shades of Magic trilogy, A Darker Shade of Magic by VE Schwab. It’s a cracking good time and we can’t wait to finish the series.

Check out episode 29 here!

Episode 28 is up!

What is this sudden wellspring of posts on the blog? I have no doubt there’s a drought to come blog wise, so let’s just let these words flow for now.

In episode 28, we discuss Fear Street: The New Boy by RL Stine. Surge was positive that The New Boy would be a gender flipped The New Girl. Needless to say, he was wrong. There were a few callbacks to the book that started the series, but overall, it didn’t quite follow in The New Girl‘s footsteps. What’s interesting is that there have been many books in the series thus far that could have been called The New Boy, for instance First Date was all about Chelsea going on a series of dates with the new boy in school, The Fire Game was all about a new boy in school starting up a fire game. In fact, a new kid in school tends to be the plot to many of the books in the series. So what makes The New Boy so special in regards to that specific plot point to earn the title? Probably because the main plot title would just be too odd or super generic. Fear Street Stolen MoneyFear Street The Bet? Fear Street Fixed TransmissionFear Street: Gotta Pay for Yale? And this whole thing leads to why we weren’t blown away with this book. It seems like RL Stine didn’t quite know what to do with these plot points and they were hamfisted together pretty obviously. All the plot points suffered and so did the characters. Poor Eve and poor Faith. And poor readers.

On the bright side, we were able to review a fantastic collection of short stories at the top of the cast. Sarim Baig’s debut collection of short stories Saints and Charlatans from Mongrel books. Currently, it’s only available in Pakistan but we’re told the ebooks will be available world wide shortly. A fantastically well written collection of stories that makes us look forward to any future works to come from Sarim Baig.

Without further ado, episode 28 can be heard here.

Season 2

If you thought we were bad about posting, well here we are again.  Posting months later. We recently started season 2 of the podcast. You may be wondering about the what’s and why’s. It isn’t quite the one year date from when we started nor does it have anything to do with the number of episodes we’ve done. Instead, it’s based on the publication year of the books. Season 1 encompasses the books published from 1989-1992. Season 2 starts with the books published from 1993 on. We haven’t decided on the cutoff year, but RL Stine does seem to get quite prolific with the Fear Street books, so we don’t think that it’ll cover quite as many publication years. It seems like we might make the cutoff for Season 2 1995, but that remains to be seen.

What have we learned doing our first season? To make a checklist and follow it. To write outlines otherwise we’ll ramble and lose the plot. If we wait too long to record, we depend solely on these outlines. Segues are important. If we schedule a recording session but neither of us are feeling it, just don’t record. It just sounds bad. We don’t hate the books. We’re more surprised by that than you’d think.  We also figured out more technical things like how to record with two micorphones and how to set it up. Perhaps it’s not right to say we’ve figured it out, as we’re still making silly technical mistakes even in season 2. But that’s a story for another time.

What do we think of our first season? There’s an entire episode where we ended up recording with the laptop microphone instead of our dedicated podcast mic. It sounds awful, but we thought the episode was good enough that we wouldn’t have to re-record it. Would we make the same decision now? Hard to say. But overall, we’re proud of the content we put out. We created and fleshed out our Fear Street mythos. We got really into the series and tried our hardest to make it fun for both ourselves and listeners.

We hope to bring some of our favorite aspects to season 2. Surge loves making weird graphics for our #youcasts. Anna is still arranging music for the show. We’re reading and reviewing more books outside the series together, whereas that was definitely more an Anna thing in season 1. We hope to promote more diverse authors, independent authors, and up and coming others in our first segment. We definitely hope to do more interviews.  And above all else, we hope to read more Fear Street books and keep building on that mythos.

If you haven’t listened to them yet, we currently have 2 episodes out for season 2. Take a listen, enjoy, and stick around for the rest of our journey!

Episode 26 – Fear Street 18: The Cheater

Episode 27 – Fear Street 19: Sunburn

Episode 23 is now up!

Wow, it’s been awhile. 2017 came and went and now we’re at the 2nd year of our podcast. We had highs and lows last year for our podcast and kind of disappeared at the end of the year due to work and travel. But 2018 brings a new year and new goals and a fresh slate.  And what’s a better way to welcome in a new year for a podcast than posting a new episode?

In this episode, we talk about Fear Street Cheerleaders: The Second Evil. It’s a continuation of the First Evil (obviously), but because it’s serialized, we get to know some of these character a lot more than we do in normal books. This book deals with Corky’s loss. Not only is she battling a demon, but she’s battling internal demons as well.  Returning to normalcy is something I imagine all Fear Street protagonists strive to achieve after their book is done, but it’s not something we get to see. The reader is left to assume that their aftermath is positive off the pages. For Corky, is there for us plain as day. However, normalcy isn’t something that Fear Street is quite ready to give her yet.

We also review two books that we quite enjoyed in 2017. First was C. Robert Cargill’s Sea of Rust. A book about the post-human robot apocalypse apocalypse? A scavenger bot doing her best to live when all signs point otherwise. Yes humans are extinct, but in a way we were able to live on with these robots.  The second book was Nina Berkhout’s The Mosaic. A book about a young woman finding herself in a town that wants her to become one thing.  In a weird way these two book are connected. Both Brittle and Twyla are faced with questions about their independence and their existence. Both Brittle and Twyla fight back in their own ways.

One interesting thing in The Mosaic are the namesakes in the book. Gabriel is making mosaics in his silo made of spent ammunition. If you’re interested in seeing what it may look like, check out the work by artist John Tan has created.

Without further adieu, take a listen at episode 23 up now!


October Giveaway #1

We’re just a few minutes into October and we’re happy to finally get the first of our October giveaways up. Smarter people would have written this post beforehand and just published at midnight, but we never said we were smart people.

Without further ado, check out the first of our giveaways! Good luck!

Episode 20 Fear Street First Date is up!

Once again, Surge and Anna return to discuss the next installment of the Fear Street series. Here, we talk about Fear Street 16: First Date.

To be honest, it wasn’t our favorite book of all time, but at least it wasn’t our least favorite. The first date wasn’t what really stood out to us. Well, that’s kind of a lie, that first date was hilarious. But what really stood out was Chelsea’s storyline of moving into a new town and being the new kid in school. Both of us moved around as kids, so we felt Chelsea’s pain of trying to make new friends and feeling like we didn’t fit in. It’s a horrible feeling that you don’t need to move to Fear Street to feel. Of course, moving to a street that kids avoid (but are oddly drawn to) doesn’t help matters.

Listen to our review of Fear Street 16: First Date here!